Tipps: Pi4 boot from SSD

Just some tips for people trying to get Pi4 booting directly from SSD.
I am using here the newest image file v1.6-alpha dated on 30July2020.

Generally You can follow these updated instructions

Now important:
The *.elf and *.dat files provided by the Openhabian v1.6-alpha image are too old, and your Pi4 won´t boot with these files. I think these are dated on 17May2020 and won´t work!

Solution is simple just replace these 16 *.elf and *.dat files on your boot partition with the file versions from 25May2020. I just extracted the files from an raspian OS file dating on 25May2020 (e.g. github)

The only trouble I was facing not all USB3 adapters will work here!
The first adapter I tried wasn´t working now I just bought a very cheap startech USB3 adapter
and it works with my Kingston 960GB/SSD perfectly without extra power supply.

This is what I was searching for:-)

One wish, can we please update these elf/dat files for the provided openhabian image file?

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I tested the beta 64bit openhabian image file a few days ago. I did not have to update the .dat and .elf files.
My Rpi4 4GB Ram just boote without.
I dont know if this has changed since though.

OK I used the 32bit version cause I thought I remember somebody said we will have trouble using the 64bit version together with openhab.
So maybe the 64bit version does use the newer file versions, can you check the date?
And does the raspian 64bit version works now with openhab?

All files dated: 27.05.2020

I assume the 64bit image include the raspian 64bit… So I would say yes.

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@mstormi can verify

No, we don’t support USB boot and have no plans to do so for the time being because there is no benefit in doing so.
And everything we provide to the community is based on proven, reviewed code and has passed a reasonable amount of quality control before we release it (unless stated otherwise).
So even if that was something we consider to be valuable, we for sure won’t provide any image on a ‘hacky’ basis like that.

Nope. That you need to do yourself.

@Bruce_Osborne stop pinging me please.


Might be you can decide, but nevertheless I completely disagree in what you are stating.

it also doesn´t explain why these “important” files
are dated 27 of May in the 64bit image and
are dated 17 of May in the 32bit image

and we all know that the files dated on 25th of May (I assume these are the files used
by the 64bit image) makes the thing working.

Sorry to say but I also don´t agree that the openhab image shouldn´t offer a bit more functionality
and adds a huge benefit to the community when being able to boot from SSD.

But maybe this is too “hacky”, right?

It’s news to me that we have to justify or explain ourselves to users why a certain functionality we never promised isn’t available, even more so in an alpha(!) version explicitly tagged to be a ‘pre-release’.
But yes it does explain it: as USB boot is not a development target, noone looked after it, tested anything about it or cares about in any other way.
So the image contains whatever the upstream source (Raspi OS, that is) contained at the time of build, nothing less or more. Maybe you’re lucky next (build) time.

To be frank: this is only your personal opinion at best and clearly no majority pov or that of openHABian maintainers.
And the code is on Github and everyone including yourself is free to implement whatever new functionality and to contribute it back to the community, so feel free.
But unless you have been contributing yourself substantially, that’s pretty thick to claim and demand. You mustn’t be trying to tell openHABian devs (or volunteers in general) what and how they should be handling things or what they should be prioritizing in terms of their work.

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Why beeing so rude/rude ? The same thing can be explained without being rude .Just do little introspection and I wont’t have to explain you why you look rude .

I’ll stop that here .


I am not sure who you are referring to.

If it is mstormi feel free to use somebody else’s software. We will even refund the price you paid for OpenHABian. Marcus develops this on a volunteer basis and owes us nothing.

Me neither. @summerguy please clarify. And those who liked your post, what was your understanding who it refers to ?

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I assumed they may have been referring to you but they did not directly reply to your post.

Even when using the latest 1.5 version from openhabian for the PI, you can apply the same thing I described above, and change as the last step the *.elf and *.dat files to the version from 25th of May2020 and your PI will boot completely from SSD (or USB).
Just booting from it :slight_smile:

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Thank you @boris03 for sharing your solution. I copied the *.dat and *.elf files from 25th of May 2020 and it works. By the way I don’t understand why a discussion has started … answering your question would have been much quicker than several posts back and forth … and would have avoided frustration for everybody. I use an USB3 adapter from StarTechCom. Pi4 Firmware 2020-07-31 stable! Openhabian image 1.5. OpenHab 2.5.7-1

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Then take your time to read it again. The question was answered by me, wasn’t it.

The helpful post for me was from @boris03 himself which answered the topic “Tipps: Pi4 boot from SSD”. The debate on principles were not helpful at all for me (teacher to student speech). Your speech didn’t reach me. Anyway, thank you for your contribution to OH.

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First: I second that!
Second: I am not fingerpointing, but let me try to say a word as a consultant working for 30 years in top class companies, leading projects,… Some important things: listen to others, try to understand what is meant and try - even when it’s hard - to accept criticism, cause it can be true…
Third: I am not a developer, I don’t know how to debug, it is hard coding rules, and I am sure I am not alone!
So I try to share some in my option important quick wins and I am proud if someone appreciate it.
Fourth: I am really and honestly glad that there are people maintaining, developing and debugging and what not, such a powerful tool like openhab - even when I do have my own understanding what is important and what not, cause I see me as a kind of a customer


would be nice to have ready image for boot from SSD as rpi4 supports it officially

Feel free to code it and submit a PR. I’ll happily take it if it ensures that it’ll work with any HW combo and doesn’t break any of the other functionalities.

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I do not understand this discussion. Boot from USB SSD is officially supported by the current kernel - by the kernel which openHABian is using.
I copied the image with etcher to my SSD and everything is working fine.

Why is there a need for “coding”?