Tivo Binding

I am new to Openhab. I have been setting up the Tivo binding, I have a 6 tuner Tivo Roamio and 3 Tivo mini’s.

I have one of the mini’s working pretty well with the Tivo binding with a few exceptions that I’ll describe below.

My first question is Can I control four different Tivos? If so, how do I do this?

The Tivo binding documentation says that it was developed on an older unit, that uses the older v1.0 protocol. My Tivo uses the newer v1.1 protocol.

Most of the commands that I have tried work. But I can’t get these to work: Live TV, Thumbs Up, and Thumbs Down.

Also, the following commands need to be added: Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Exit. I believe the commands are coded into the jar file.

The documentation from the manufacturer is:

My items file

    /* Tivo */
Switch Tivo_Button "Tivo Button" { tivo="tivo" }
Switch Tivo_Recordings "Tivo Recordings" { tivo="nowshowing" }
Switch Tivo_Standby "Tivo Standby" { tivo="standby" }
Switch Tivo_Info "Tivo Info" { tivo="info" }
Switch Tivo_Guide "Tivo Guide" { tivo="guide" }
Switch Tivo_Window "Tivo Window" { tivo="window" }
Switch Tivo_Record "Tivo Record" { tivo="record" }
Switch Tivo_Clear "Tivo Clear" { tivo="clear" }
Switch Tivo_Enter "Tivo Enter" { tivo="enter" }
Switch Tivo_Play "Tivo Play" { tivo="play" }
Switch Tivo_Reverse "Tivo Reverse" { tivo="reverse" }
Switch Tivo_Pause "Tivo Pause" { tivo="pause" }
Switch Tivo_Forward "Tivo Forward" { tivo="forward" }
Switch Tivo_Replay "Tivo Replay" { tivo="replay" }
Switch Tivo_Slow "Tivo Slow" { tivo="slow" }
Switch Tivo_Advance "Tivo Advance" { tivo="advance" }
Switch Tivo_CC_ON "Tivo CC ON" { tivo="CCon"
Switch Tivo_CC_OFF "Tivo CC OFF" { tivo="CCoff" }
Switch Tivo_Nowshowing "Tivo Nowshowing" { tivo="now showing"}
Switch Tivo_Up "Tivo Up" { tivo="up" }
Switch Tivo_Down "Tivo Down" { tivo="down" }
Switch Tivo_Left "Tivo Left" { tivo="left" }
Switch Tivo_Right "Tivo Right" { tivo="right" }
Switch Tivo_Channel_Up "Tivo Channel Up" { tivo="channelup" }
Switch Tivo_Channel_Down "Tivo Channel Down" { tivo="channeldown" }
Switch Tivo_Live_Tv "Tivo Live TV" { tivo="live" }
Switch Tivo_Thumbs_Up "Tivo Thumbs Up" { tivo="thumbs up" }
Switch Tivo_Thumbs_Down "Tivo Thumbs Down" { tivo="thumbs down" }
Switch Tivo_Num0 "Tivo Num0" { tivo="num0" }
Switch Tivo_Num1 "Tivo Num1" { tivo="num1" }

My sitemap file

Frame label="AV equipment" {
		Text label="Tivo" icon="firstfloor" {
				Switch item=Tivo_Button mappings=[ON="Tivo"]
    				Switch item=Tivo_Recordings mappings=[ON="recordings"]
    				Switch item=Tivo_Standby mappings=[ON="standby"]
    				Switch item=Tivo_Info mappings=[ON="Info"]
    				Switch item=Tivo_Guide mappings=[ON="Guide"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Up mappings=[ON="Up"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Down mappings=[ON="Down"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Live_Tv mappings=[ON="Live TV"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Channel_Down mappings=[ON="Ch-"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Channel_Up mappings=[ON="Ch+"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Enter mappings=[ON="Enter"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Pause mappings=[ON="Pause"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Thumbs_Up mappings=[ON="Thumbs Up"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Thumbs_Down mappings=[ON="Thumbs Down"]
				Switch item=Tivo_Num1 mappings=[ON="1"]