TKB Dimmer TZ67 wrongly recocnized

Hi folks.

I’m in the mid of migrating my items from VeraLite to OH2 but I’m stuck with my dimmer from TKB.

Openhab2 recocnizes the device but claims it’s an TZ88 rather than a TZ67. Therefore the dimm channel is missing.

I tried to make the binary swtich a dimmer but that doesn’t show any response if I change the slider. The ON/OFF works fine for both settings (switch/dimmer) but the dimming is needed but missing…

How can I force the thing definition to be TZ67 or what else might have gone wrong?

I do tried exclude/include/factory reset/… many times but it keeps coming up as TZ88.
LOGfile doesn’t help beside an error when I try to set a percent value to the binary switch channel:

2017-02-19 11:43:30.616 [WARN ] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 21: Command for unknown channel zwave:device:6a4c9781:node21:switch_binary with PercentType

Anyone succeeded with the dimmer in Openhab2?

hi gents,

I still do struggle on this issue. My TKB dimmer plug is recognized wrongly. Instead of a TKB TZ88 as recocnized by OH2 it should show up as TZ67

Investigating further I found the xml under /var/lib/openhab2/zwave but that doesn’t seem to show effect. I found a new XML file from Chris Jackson but it doesn’t show an effect and frankly it looks very different to the auto created file.

How can I force the the correct item descriptions so OPENHAB2 gets the correct channels for the thing?

Hi Vasco,

according to the device manual this thing supports SWITCH_MULTILEVEL class.
Please try zwave:device:6a4c9781:node21:switch_multilevel in your item config.

I would be interested if you get it working as I am as well interested in buying this one…

Best Regards!

Hy Carsten

I can recommend these. I had it working for about 18 months without any issue. My above issue seem to be related to other issues with my controller after power outage (on a pi).
I setup my network all over again and changed to a USB controler (AEON).
Below are the 2 items I have setup at the moment.
The switch toggles between on (previous setting) and off while the dimmer does the lightlevel. As I don’t want to change the lightlevel I mainly use the onoff only after initial brightness set :slight_smile:

Works like a charm again

Dimmer  bedroom_nightlight_brightness           "Nightlight Brightness [%d]"    { channel="zwave:zwaveID:node12:switch_dimmer" }
Switch  bedroom_nightlight_onoff                "Nightlight Switch"     { channel="zwave:zwaveID:node12:switch_dimmer" }

Due to change of controller my nodeID changed. I guess you have figured that one out already :smiley:

Hi Vasco,

thanks for the answer and good to hear everything is working for you. I’ll definately have a closer look to the TKB Dimmer.
Yes, I did know that the z-wave nodes are stored in the USB controller. I am using a simple Z-Wave.Me USB Smart Home Stick with Raspi, building a cheap solution but working well.