To be able to use with OpenHAB Cloud + CloudFlare SSL Service

I set up my own openhab-cloud server ( I installed it using docker ) .

/home/user/openhab-cloud/deployment/docker-conpose/.env —> If REAL IP address is written in the “DOMAIN NAME” section in .env, it responds when I try with the real IP address in the browser

However, when I type real_domain name in DOMAIN NAME section, I get ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS error message.

When I type the real domain name in the “DOMAIN NAME” section in .Env, in the browser
When I try the real IP address it gives a 404 error message

What arrangement should I make?
Thank you

The too many redirects can be a simple config problem on the domain dns setup. I had this error once.

Look at your dns setup and make sure the domain name is pointing at the openHAB server. My error had to do with the www. And the non www. Redirecting to each other causing a loop.

I am hoping fixing one error will lead to others being resolved also.

Thank you for suggestion,

I get a different error when I do what you say

‘‘the page is not oriented correctly’’

I get the ssl certificate service from cloud flare,
Could this be causing the problem?

I suppose it could be, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the openHAB cloud setup as I don’t run my own server. Hopefully someone that runs it can comment further. I have merely had that one error for a website once when ssl was turned on.

is this the original error message or is it translated ?
I’ve never seen that message on a web service neither does a search return results for it.
The message seems to be more related to a photo or print layout.

my fault, I may have translated the original error message wrong,
I found the source of the problem last night
fixed when ssl mode in cloud flare to ( full strict )

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