To HUE or not to HUE?

i recently discovered this nice community around openHAB and thought i shoot this question.
This is rather for the bulb-enthusiasts :smiley:

my situation:
im about to switch my lights to smart-lights which i can control throgh OH. that means on/off, color, basic scenes, dimm). i have started buying Hue BEFORE i discovered OH. now i know, i can cover all of above controls with OH and dont need a hue-app. and then theres the price tag - where hue is the most expensive of all…

my quesion:
can you recommend other brands (yee, ikea …) that are same (or better) quality and usability than hue?

o lifetime
o quality (manufacturing)
o function (comparable to hue)
o reliability
o ease of include in OH

thanks in advance for your time and efforts

I have a pile of hue lights and have tried others and also a bunch of z-wave devices.

(IN MY OPINION) I really, really like hue lights. They work great. They can get very dim where other lights cannot. They’re also very responsive which some others are not. And, they work independently of OH which is good for when things aren’t working (i’m currently facing random freezes of OH which i think I may have narrowed down to the z-wave binding).

Despite the high price, I prefer Hue lights. In this instance, I think you’re paying for quality.


Try the innr bulbs. Compatible with hue.

Regarding gateway, I tested the lightify & tradfri gateways. Both are not comparable in terms of stability to the hue bridge.

My tradfri & lightify bulbs are now also connected to the hue bridge. Working OK, but if I have a choice, I prefer innr.

Have a look at the Gledopto bulbs - they’re a pretty good replacement for the color hues, at half the price. They actually do color better than the Hues (my 2nd gens at least), but are slightly darker in full white mode (unless you switch to color temp mode where they regain full brightness - basically they don’t control both channels at once).

Can these be paired to the Hue bridge or do they require their own?

They can be paired to the hue bridge.
But keep in mind, Philips could drop the support for non hue devices every day…

thanks for your opinions, guys.
atm im researching innr, gledopto and also yeelight.
i think ill need another zigbee bridge too, i have the feeling, pairing all non-hue devices to a seperate box makes sense.

Sad as it is, I would discourage you from using Yeelight. Either the binding is poorly written or there is a problem with the bulbs themselves but there’s not a week where they do not fail me.
Once I realized I can’t set hue and saturation along brightness (brightness needs its own call), then I realized you need to switch the bulb on to actually do something to it (so no, you can’t say - turn on using green light and 50% brightness). They are working mostly on temp+bri modus operandi right now but I’m going to switch to hues (likely) or look into the binding (unlikely, don’t know java much).

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I too like me Hue lights (only a few) and esspecially the LightStripe plus. Controlling them with openHAB is very reliable!

My only complain is, that the bulbs might be brighter, but they have this in common with other LED lights.

+1 for hue…yes they are pricey, but it just works and I agree with others: the ability to have a reasonable fall back (Hue App), in case OH doesn;t do what it is supposed to do, is a critical feature for me.
Having said that, I have also purchased Shelly bulbs…very reasonably priced (20EURO), wifi-based and support MQTT natively.
It comes with an app similar to Hue, but runs less stable (bulbs listed as not connected at times). But its hard to beat the price, and have a bulb that does not link to the cloud and supports natively MQTT.

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