Too many items visible for Amazon Alexa

Hello everyone,

I am a long time OpenHAB 2 user (using configuration files), now dipping my toes in the cold water of OpenHAB 3 (using Main UI for item & thing configuration). So far so great, a big “thank you!” to all the developers! Only controling my items using Alexa is giving me a headache. I have about 250 items but I want to control only about 20 of them using Amazon Alexa (simply to prevent my 4y old from opening the garage doors for example). Using OpenHAB 2 with the configuration files I simply add the necessary tag (e.g. “Lighting”) to the item in the item file and only the tagged items are discovered by Alexa. For OpenHAB 3 I have added metadata for my 20 items but now 170 of them show up in Alexa! For example this one:

What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards from Germany


Well it looks like I answered my question by reviewing my own post :sweat:
I just realized that I put the non-semantic tag “Lighting” on about 170 items in OH3 → removing that also removes the items from the alexa search results!
I will leave the post in case someone is as blind as me. But please admins, feel free to delete if necessary!

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