Top ten of most installed/used bindings?


I just wonder if there are any statistics about what are the most used bindings for openhab ?


I don’t know if there is anyway currently to compile this sort of statistic.

Based on questions on this forum I would say the following are really popular (or really tricky which is why people are asking about them all the time), in no particular order off the top of my head:

  • z-wave
  • exec
  • http
  • mail
  • mqtt
  • Mqttitude
  • Nest or Echobee (not sure which is more popular)
  • Harmony
  • Hue
  • Homeatic
  • Mios
  • Mochad

The others come up from time to time of course.

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No stats available , so my $0.02, I think it’s mostly the ‘generic’ ones:

  • z-wave
  • http
  • exec
  • mqtt
  • tcp/udp
  • network health
  • GPIO
  • weather
  • astro

As Hue and Sonos are popular devices, a number of people use these, too.
Finally, of course everyone will use the binding for the full or partial HA system (KNX, HomeMatic, FS20, MiOS, MAX!, Withings, X10, …) or device (Ecobee, Nest, Fritz!box, AVR, …) he/she owns and wants to control remotely from OH, but I don’t see any special trend there.