Total home security system

Hello everybody

Im looking for at home alarm system, who is included wireless sensors (smoke, window, pir) camera (in dore + outdore cam) door access (ekey)

Everything must work together in openhab… Anyone have some ideas?


The sticking point you’ll find is around your CCTV system. For your sensors Z-Wave would seem like a logical approach as you’ll find all the items you’ve mentioned. Again there are a number of door locks that are Z-Wave, so your also covered.

Good luck with your project. Hopefully someone else will help with the CCTV side of things.



zwave, echobee, insteon and others are supported. Both plugin and battery powered are available.

If they stream mjpeg you can embed the streams into your sitemap. If you want motion detection and/or DVR you need to look to some other solution such as iSpy or Zoneminder. With Zoneminder’s API you can get events into OH.

Near term you will need to get a hub (e.g. Vera) and interact with the locks from OH through the hub. Support for Zigbee is not yet implemented and the Security_Command_Class implementation for zwave is not fully functional.

Everything can work together within OH, but you will likely need to run external services (Vera, Zoneminder, etc) to act as a go between OH and the devices.

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I’d seriously consider a dedicated alarm system, something that can run on it’s own. The way I’m trying to get mine going is with a dedicated alarm system instead of zwave sensors. I found they weren’t 100% reliable which for an alarm system isn’t really enough.

Hopefully something that can then tell openHAB is armed status and openHAB to arm/disarm etc.



I use a DSC System with the envisalink interface. Addon is fully functional and DSC sensors are cheap and I have found them to be the most reliable. The only issue is with their wireless PIRs, there is a 4 second delay until the panel gets the signal. Honeywell wireless PIRs do not suffer this same issue. Of note the DSC wired PIRs also do not have a delay. To get around this since I like DSC more than honeywell, I have a resolution products RE324HD which allows Honeywell wireless stuff to be translated so the DSC can detect them. I know it sound complicated but essentially I can use any honeywell or DSC wireless stuff together through one panel. I have had 0 issues with reliability. For Cameras I have Blue Iris with all Foscam cameras. You can have the software motion sensor trigger a virtual motion sensor in OpenHab.


Here is what i have done as an home automation and alarm system:

The arduino act as a gateway between off the shelf sensors and openhab + alarm system. The pi handle openhab and the interconnexion with other services; squeezelite, ifttt, foscam camera, mobule detection, open energy monitor.

thanks, here is what i have found based on your replys.

can anyone confirm that this will work?


3 x INSTEON Hidden Door Sensor (2845-422)
9 x INSTEON Wireless Door/Window Sensor (2843-422)
5 x INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor (2842-422)
1 x INSTEON HUB+ (2242-422EU)

5 X Nest Protect - 2nd Generation (White, Battery)

5 x IP CAMERA APTI-27C4-2812 ONVIF 2.4, - 1080p 2.8 … 12 mm APTI-27C4-2812

Im still working on the “door” solution, for now i think that Ekey ( will be the best

Hi @lindberg, did this setup work? How did you end up integrating?

The same question: is there any way to integrate home security with OpenHAB?

There are a lot of projects are building security systems from scratch on Arduino/RPI, but I want to have it dedicated and to be integrated into OpenHAB: at least to get the status change of the doors (open/closed) and status of the system (arming) for automation purposes (shut off lights when it’s armed, reduce the temperature of the boiler, etc).

Any suggestions?

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There are alarm systems that OH has bindings to integrate with. I think ELK is one. Or you can roll your own sensors and build up the alarm system using OH as the controller.

The previous owners of my house had an alarm system and they took the controller but left the sensors. So I just wired the sensors to an RPi and use OH to generate alerts. I wouldn’t call what I have an alarm system but this is an approach to one.

Im looking for the same system as you, if you already found something, please let me know.

I have done what you are looking for successfully using a Paradox system.
The system works standalone and then you use an IP150 module and the to send via MQTT info to OH2.

check: Help build binding for Paradox Alarm Panel with IP150

I’d recommend against wireless sensors for your intrusion detection system. Multi-spectrum jammers are not expensive and very portable.

It’s fine for the door lock (as long as the wireless authentification mechanism is good) and fire/smoke sensor.

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