Touch screen TV for hab panel?

Hi guys,

I have mostly implemented light switches and built a sitemap, now I am looking at habpanels. I am thinking about a touch screen lcd monitor/tv for my bedroom. My intent is to use it as a habpanel and to access ip cameras. Has anyone tried this or sometbing similar. I would run a pi to it or a server. Any input here is valuable.


Cost wise a cheap Android Tablet will be cheaper and easier to install and use. That seems to be the approach I’ve seen reported the most on this forum.

I have seen those and plan to grab a couple to mount around the house, the layout is awkward due to renovation and age, I saw a few 32 inch touch LCDs for a decent price that wouldn’t be to terribly expensive. I’ll try a couple of setups on tablets I have and see if they will do the job, if not I’ll try that and report to the group.