Toy Robot to play with



Just to annoy my wife a little bit more, do you know a small toy robot that can be fun to play with (programmable, sdk …).

Cheap is cool

saw this on sale on ali express but i’ve not looked at it yet.


Just to replace my wife completely, do you know of a large toy robot that can be fun to play with?..


We will tell her. You’ll be in trouble !!

rule "rat"
    vzorglub is naughty
    say("He's at it again")
end (in tears)


This one looks like it is IR controlled so if you had an IR blaster that could work.

Sphero is quite a bit more expensive but they appear to have an API and a quick search shows a bunch of libraries to get Sphero to talk MQTT.

Several of the higher end robovacs have APIs that I know of.

That’s all I can think of but I’ve been looking a bit. My five-year-old really wants to build a robot and I’m looking for project bot like this. I’ll be watching this thread.

I’ll not be watching Vincent’s project thread, at least not from work. :laughing: