TP-Link binding support for HS300 Wi-Fi power strip request

I don’t know who developed this binding but I have several HS105 smart wifi plug minis using the binding and it works great so THANK YOU! to developer!

On add-ons page here it says the HS300 is not supported yet
Any plans to add to binding? I’m going to buy one anyhow because I need a power strip, it has 3 usb charging ports also and individual outlets in the power strip can be controlled and monitored via tp-link app. It isn’t cheap however. Here in the states at big box electronics store $80

And also more info in this GitHub issue:

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Thanks Hilbrand, you are the greatest!
I will check it out and report back.

works, it bloody works perfect… excellent Hilbrand, bloody excellent!

more details here on git

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