TP-Link camera / KASA

Hey everyone,
does anyone knows if there is a way to integrate tp-link camera at openhab 2.5?


As described in the TP-Link Smart Home binding documentation, the camera is not supported (= not mentioned!).

I’ve asked the developer back in 2018. He replied the following at the time:

Maybe there is news about this? Or maybe you could provide the needed information?

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Try the ipcamera binding.

what kind of integration are you looking for? Just being able to view in openhab dashboard? detect motion?

Detect motion would be fine

For that, I would check to see if the cameras in question can support doing a webhook or post message. I have done in that in the past with a few different style cameras.

With that, it would then do a webhook to openhab to turn on a virtual item “Camera1_MotionDected”.

That item would trigger a rule to do whatever you want.

Then use the expire binding to turn the motion back off after x time unless your camera would send “no motion”

Hi @matt1 I found this topic requesting this specific support for the Kasa Cams, so I guess there is no need to open a new topic and maybe gather a few more interested folks.

So again here is the link again to the reverse engineered process to access the KC100, where I got stuck with authentication process but Im willing to test out whatever you throw my way.


Try this string in the FFMPEG_INPUT config field of the binding after you create a HTTPONLY thing…


Note it indicates that you need to do base64 encoding which you will need to play with an online calculator until it works. Link for one to try and replace base64PASSWORDhash with whatever the guide is telling you it needs to be…

Thats basically where I’m stuck, if I put that url (either using my base64 password or the combination described in the guide) I get 401 Unauthorized

The base64 is an annoying thing as you can do multiple char sets like ASCII vs UTF8 and some of the online calculators will have other variations. The author of that article gave you an example of the inputs and the expexted output so try to replicate that first before moving into yours.

At some point you have to weigh up the time spent trying to get a camera working that the manufacturer has tried to block you from doing so. Cost of new camera vs your time.

I had to do the same thing to get ONVIF auths working recently, only it unlocked many brands.

Good luck and I hope you find the magic combination.

Hello all, I have a KC120 that I’d love to see supported in openHAB. If I get some guidance and support, I could do some network monitoring and provide the dumps for analysis if there’s interest. Ping me in that case :slightly_smiling_face: