TP-LINK HS100 Smart Plug (WiFi)?

@hilbrand thanks much!! I know that there is one in the marketplace, but the HS100 are supported by the older binding already. AND if I understood everything well enough, the marketplace bindings need to be installed manually after every update, which does not work so well for me as I am using the latest snapshots and update at least weekly. I just hope that after months of waiting your binding will be merged into openHAB eventually.

@lipp_markus merging would be nice indeed :wink: I’ve not tested if a re-install in needed on update, but that wouldn’t be helpful. If you want to manual install them you can always take the jar from the eclipse market place. The binding did get a major update internally, and you can set the led on/off.

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thanks Hilbrand, the voltage channel is fixed.

installed addon from marketplace today and it still works perfect with the HS200! keep up the good work @hilbrand. Thanks.

Hey, thanks for the binding, I followed your instructions and it was smooth as butter, but I’m a total noon so I got them (2 HS200 switches) on the "things but I don’t know how to make them Items so I can use them :(.

Are you looking a manual configuration? something like this?

Switch TP_L_Switch “Switch” { channel=“tplinksmarthome:hs200::switch” }

In this topic there is an extended manual configuration example. It’s for plugs, but and has some more than needed here probably. But it might give an idea.

If want to use the switch to control some other device via openHAB you should create a rule. Is that hat you’re looking for?

I have them to work!!! you are the freaking master, just added the switches and now I have control of them perfectly, don’t know why they were created on a different sitemap but that’s another issue.

thanks a lot.

oh no, I’m creating the Item using Paper UI, and it seems like it´s creating the item always on a different sitemap that´s called _default, the thing is that _default sitemap is not anywhere to find, and i’ve never created it. so I´m chasing my tale on this one.

any ideas anyone?

@hilbrand I just recently picked up an HS200 and R270K and installed your binding. The HS200 is auto-detected and works great, but the R270K doesn’t auto-detect and when added manually its displays online but the switch control doesn’t work and shows a signal of 0 dMb.

I saw that you didn’t have a R270K to test with, so let me know if there is anything I can do to help you test it out.

Hi @Blair_Thompson

Nice to have someone with the real thing :wink: I didn’t have one as you correctly concluded. It was a bit of a stretch because these devices are fairly new and I couldn’t find any information online.

There are several options:

  1. Set the log level to trace. This will give you more information also what the device returns. This might give enough information for me to update the binding. Via the karaf console you can set it: log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.tplinksmarthome.
  2. You could try to manually add the R270K as a lightbulb, by manually select configure a lb1xx using the ip address of the R270K. Lightbulbs use slightly different data format, and it might be the R270K uses the same. If it’s the same the rssi should work, and/or you should be able to switch it on/off.
  3. If all doesn’t work then the only option I can think of is to proxy with the devices and the kasa app and monitor network traffic with wireshark (there is a plugin that can decrypt the tp-link protocol so you get readable json).

If you have some useful data I can update the binding and add the data to the tests. You can send the data/logs in a private message or e-mail it to me via

So what a I doing wrong?
Copied org.openhab.binding.tplinksmarthome-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar into the usr/shared/openahb2/addons folder.
Did a reboot an re-start of the service,

tp-linksmarthome:hs110:home "TP-Link UPS Socket" [ipAddress="", refresh=60]

to my thing file and

Switch BedroomHeater {channel="tp-linksmarthome:hs110:home:switch"}

in the Items, but nothing is showing in Bindings, Things or Items in paper ui or in Habmin

It should be ‘tplinksmarthome’. Older versions did use the -, but I removed it to be more consistent with other bindings.

So removed the - from the things and items, but I still cant seen anything in Things or Bindings.
The Item is now showing in Paper UI.

What name should I be looking for in bindings, I’m just assuming that it will show up as something like ‘TP-Link’.

there’s a black friday deal on this plug at, at £19.95 (which is £15 off).

Do the tp link devices still work if the internet goes out not the wifi just the Internet if they loose connection to tp link servers would openhab still be able to controll them while the Internet is down

And can you set them up from just using PaperUI

The answer to your first question: yes, you do NOT need a internet connection to operate these switches and they will work if you internet is down.
Your second question: if you use the binding from the marketplace, you should be able to do so; I have not verified it as I am exclusively using textual configuration.

You need the Kasa app to initial connect the devices to your local network, after that you can control them locally. Via PaperUI you can find them and configure them.

Ok thanks for the info I’m thinking of using theses to turn sockets on and off instead of Sonoff (recently seen pictures of Sonoff devices that have set on fire) thinking these will be of better quality.

I have installed the tp link binding via PaperUI from the eclipse marketplace
I understand you need to join them to the network before you can set the, up with PaperUI sounds easy

Got 3 HS100 uk version plugs today from Argos 3 for £40

Binding working prefect (Auto Discovery Didn’t work manually added them via IP address writhin binding)

Installed 3 HS200 switches. Two are for recessed lighting, one for a ceiling fan. All three switches detected right away and working perfectly.