TP-Link HS100 stopped working

Hi There, I have 3 HS100 smart switches at my house that were all connected to openhab and working fine. All of a sudden for no apparent reason one of them could no longer be controlled by openhab. I have tried everything including resetting the device, removing it from openhab, reinstalling it multiple times and noting seems to work.
After resetting the device I can find it and configure it in the Kasa app and Kasa can control it. I can detect it in openhap and configure it as a thing with an item and it all looks good, but openhab cannot control the device.
Does anyone have any ideas

I guess IP adress has been changed. Make sure, the IP address of the device is the same as stated in things file.

What version of openHAB are you running? What did it report in the log when you try to control it? Did you try restarting openHAB?

Already for some time the devices can be configured with the device id, which is done automatically when using discovery to find the devices. Than it can handle ip address changes. So that does not need to be a problem. Specifically if it can read the state there is no wrong ip address.

I have observed the exact same behavior (2.5.5 snapshot) in several of my tp-link devices, and I have never been able to track down the issue completely. It is not frequent, but with many different tp-link devices it does crop up sufficiently regularly to be noticeable (I have definitely seen it in hs200, hs105 and if I recall an hs210 as well).

Typically for me a device restart and an openhab restart are required to restore proper OH control of the device.

One of the big problems in tracking down the issue is that it seems the binding thinks it is controlling the device: incoming information ins’t a problem at all, as the OP states, the binding knows that the device is connected/thing is online. The binding reports sending a command and OH updates a state prediction and the item state (often, but not always). Then when no actual change to the device occurs OH resets the item value at the next device update.

Whether it is ip address change or not is not clear, but I am fairly convinced it is related to wifi connectivity. Anecdotally (definitely not yet repeatable, reliable data) it occurs in my devices on the edge of range or in areas of overlap between mesh nodes.

I wish I had more info for you. I have replaced a couple the devices that suffered this most frequently so I haven’t seen the issue in a few weeks.

Hi All, thanks so much for your replies. I don’t know what has happened now, but it has started working again. I tried the same things that I had previously tried (multiple times), including restarting openhab removing the thing and reinstating the thing and now it has started obeying openhab commands again.
Thanks again for everyone’s responses

Had this happen to me today, re-started OH and it worked. Also so the WIFI light blinking on the switch so your on the right track as to the cause :slight_smile:

I have a couple of single plugs and a HS300. (power strip) For the most part these products are rock solid but occasionally I’ve experienced similar problems to this

I’ve totally attributed it to wifi connectivity. I have a consumer grade wifi router and these devices can only handle so many connections. The router may spec out it can handle so many connections but reality is yeah not so much… With various nodemcu, a lifx bulb, the tp link stuff, plus my laptop, a tablet, my phone, guest phones and laptops ect. ect… all running on wifi… it adds up!

My advise is, if you wanna run a bunch of home automation wifi devices (along with typical laptops phones ect) get yourself a bad a$$ router or mesh APs or whatever