TP-Link Kasa Communication errors OH 4.0.4

Since moving to OH4.0.4 and applying all current updates, I am starting to see many TP-Link communication errors. They are random on both device and frequency. They may be offline for 2 minutes or 10 minutes. It is totally random. It was working great on OH4.0.3.

tplinksmarthome:hs200:FDB444’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): No route to host
tplinksmarthome:hs105:4D9E2A’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): No route to host

Thank you.

Same here.

There were no changes in the binding, so not sure what might be the issue. I haven’t tested 4.04. yet, so can’t confirm. Do you have ip address configured?

I had this same issue before moving to 4.0. I rebuilt my servers as OH4.0 instead of upgrading. At that point things cleared up and I had very few comms issues on TP-link. My logs were looking very clean. I did all the updates as they came out and things were still good on 4.0.3. Since moving to 4.0.4 with all the current updates, I am seeing a lot of comms errors.
All 42 of my TP-link devices have static IPs. No pattern to the errors. Some devices are inside, some outside, some near, some far.
I do hope that one day the binding will be updated to include the new Matters devices. I am holding off on adding any of them for now.
I do have a 4.0.3 backup that I may try to see what happens.

Have a look over here : [TapoControl] - Control Tapo Smart WiFi-Devices with Openhab - Official Support Thread - #357 by Dadobam

That works for the Matters devices, but that is low priority for me. This comms error is more important.

Sorry I often confuse TP Link and Tapo.
I have no issue at all with my TP Link devices. But I had your error on my Tapo devices that had been automatically updated (firmware)

I switched back to OH4.0.3 and have not had a TP-link comms error since.

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I have since noticed a number of errors even on 4.0.3. I have since changed back to 4.0.4. I rebooted a couple times and still had this issue. Two days ago, I rebooted my routers, and the problem seems to have improved. I am down to just 1 or 2 devices going offline maybe once or twice a day.

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