TP-LINK KP200 Multiport Outlet problem

The KP200 has 2 outlets with individually defined control. The binding sees it properly and when I add the channels, they add fine. The problem is that they show the same names for the channels. They cannot be controlled independently. Whatever port I define last is the one that takes precedence. It creates one item for both plugs. I have deleted and re-created the things. I can only think it is a bug in the binding. I am running OH 3.2 with the latest updates.


From what I can see, you’ve linked one item to all three of the available channels:

  • groupSwitch
  • outlet1
  • outlet2

So that item would control all three channels, and they will all either be on or off. You need to make a separate item for each channel.

I’m not sure what you mean by defining a port.

Are you creating items by going to the thing’s channel and clicking “Add link to item”? If so, you just need to change the name of the item. If you create a new item for the channel and then use the default name, OH is probably just adding that channel to the existing item. It’s up to you to give it a unique name. That’s probably why you’ve ended up with three channels in one item.

OH 3.4 just released this week. If you don’t want to upgrade right now, there’s a beta TP-Link Kasa binding in the marketplace.

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You were right! I was not looking at the name, just the label. The Description said Outlet 1 and Outlet 2, so I thought it knew they were separate. Thank you

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