Tp-link smart wi-fi plug HS100

I have installed my new tp-link Smart Plug HS100. I use the Kasa app on my IPhone to control it. The frist day it worked OK bouth when I was connected to the same wireless nettwork and when my IPhone was disconected from the wi-fi. Then next day I get this message: Lokal wi-fi control only. I have reset the smart plug and deleted and reinstalled the app, but still I have the same problem. Can anyone hjelp me?

This doesn’t look like an openHAB issue, but an TP-Link KASA issue. You might have more results on the TP-Link forums then. Lokal control can mean the device can’t connect to the wifi properly (to far) or the TP-Link cloud account is not configured (properly).

A cloud account isn’t needed for the hs110, you can skip that part in the initial setup for the device and the openhab binding will work.

Sorry, I’m not a data expert. Can you pleace explain this to me in a more simple way?