TR-064 Binding - INBOX notification after manual adding Fritzbox

can someone please clarify if this is normal and is intended that way.
I prefer textbased configuration, so i added the 3 things related to my bridge to my fritzbox. it works fine and i’m little annoyed that in THINGS the INBOX is showing the three THINGS i already added successfully (as they are all ONLINE).

Is there no correlation? How to get rid if at all?

Thanks a lot Norbert

Check Thing Discovery | openHAB

I can confirm your findings. The TR064 binding does not define representation properties for the things and thus the Inbox cannot sort duplicate entities for it.


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i’m not sure if its only me and it was pure luck but after the long awaited Testing update of openhab now the inbox notification is gone. so maybe this has been “fixed” - if it should be seen as a bug at all. Kind Regards,

EDIT: ah i see, property has been added. NICE!

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