TR064 Binding


I’m using the new TR064-binding for openhab 3.0 and I have some questions with the configuration.

Bridge Config:

tr064:fritzbox:fritzboxtr "FritzboxTR" [ host="", refresh=10000, user="xxx", password="xxxx"]

This is working and the addon is online. Now I want to add some items and did the following way:

String  fboxName            "FBox Modell [%s]"          <network>  (gFritzbox)      {channel="tr064:fritzbox:fritzboxtr:modelName"}

The items are not working. Unfortuntaley there are some missing stuff on the binding documentation.

TR064 Binding

Can you help me with this?


This is not missing in the documentation.
The tr064 binding does not provide a modelName channel like the fritzbox one did.
ModelName moved to the thing properties with TR064.

There was someone with a similar problem who brought those property channels back with a rule but i cant find the thread now.


Found the Thread.
This should be similar to your question.

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ok that was my mistake.

But the other channles like:

Switch  fboxWifi24          "2.4 GHz Wi-Fi"          <network>  (gFritzbox)       {channel="tr064:fritzbox:fritzboxtr:wifi24GHzEnable"}

Are also not working and there is an acutal channel in the documnetation. I think I make something wrong with the bridge.
Is wifi24 enable channel part of the normal bridge or is it belonging to the subdevices?

Thanks in advance,
Best Max


The only available channels on the bridge are:

I would suggest to use the UI for thing definion and a proper setup of bridge and sub device.
You can then simply copy the channel names to your item file.

I managed it and it was a stupid fault of me. Thanks you very much for your help.

But one last question.

I wnat to add the MAC Adresses for Online or Presence detection. How can I add them to the things file?

Thanks for your help.


No idea to be honest, sorry.
I am using UI for things and there you can add them to a “mac online” list and they show up in the channels view.


Maybe have a look here:

But there seems to be some issue which is currently only fixed in a snapshot version of the binding.

I managed it.

I think it would be helpful to write a full example on the documentation page or in this topic.

Thanks for your help!


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So maybe you could share your working configuration as a full example here?
Would be neat indeed. :slight_smile:

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I’ve done it all with UI Configuration in OH3 and it is working fine.

First you add your FritzBox as (i’ll call it) Bridge.
Then you discover new devices and it will find a “subdeviceLan”, add this and you will be able to configure it
In this configuration you cann add MAC Adresses to check if they are online and the binding will create a unique channel for each MAC you provide

Then i added an Item for each of the channels/MACs i provided thorugh the UI

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For anybody who is interested for the configuration of the TR064 Binding.
I did like this and it is working for me.

Bridge tr064:fritzbox:fritzboxtr "FritzboxTR" @ "Netzwerk" [ host="", refresh=60, user="xxxx", password="xxxxxx"] {

     subdevice subdevicewan         "SubdeviceTR064 WAN" @ "Netzwerk"            [ uuid="uuid:xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx", refresh=60 ]
     subdevice subdevicewanconnect  "SubdeviceTR064 WANConnect" @ "Netzwerk"      [ uuid="uuid:xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx", refresh=60 ]
     subdeviceLan subdevicelan      "SubdeviceTR064 LAN" @ "Netzwerk"            [ uuid="uuid:xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx", refresh=60,
     macOnline= "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx",
                "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" ]


The Items then were created like this:

String	fritzboxWanIP				        "FBox WAN IP: [%s]"						<keyring>	(gFritzbox)		{channel="tr064:subdevice:fritzboxtr:subdevicewan:wanIpAddress"}
Number:DataAmount fritzboxWanBytesSend      "Bytes gesendet: "                                  (gFritzbox)     {channel="tr064:subdevice:fritzboxtr:subdevicewan:wanTotalBytesSent"}
Number:DataAmount fritzboxWanBytesReceived  "Bytes empfangen: "                                 (gFritzbox)     {channel="tr064:subdevice:fritzboxtr:subdevicewan:wanTotalBytesReceived"}
// get wan ip if FritzBox uses internet connection of external router

Switch  fboxWifi24          "2.4 GHz Wi-Fi"       <network>  (gFritzbox)         {channel="tr064:subdeviceLan:fritzboxtr:subdevicelan:wifi24GHzEnable"}

Group gOnline 
Switch iPadWlanPresence            "iPad (Wifi) [MAP(]"    <home2>                     {channel="tr064:subdeviceLan:fritzboxtr:subdevicelan:macOnline_XX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX"}


For this I found that at the second part of the Mac adress OH puts an additional 3A in front of the adress, with this it is possible to add the channles without the GUI. 


With the MAC adresses at the bridge, the bridge creating new channels what you can see at the thing configuration of the configureated subdeviceLan thing and there you can see the new channels with the linked MAC Adresses.

I’m using it for presence detection.

My Map transformation for the state of the presence switch for macOnline, which is called in the items:

ON=zu Hause
NULL=unbekannter Status
-=unbekannter Status

Hoping that I can help somebody with that. If anybody has some better and cleaner way please let me know.



but I like to stay as much as possible in the text modus without using GUI of openhab it makes it better for restoring all the configurations.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Point and click, works, yes. openHAB3 and the new MainUI rocks!
I immediately close all posts where I find question with manual Things files. Too much error prone, to much time consuming.

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Let me add that in order for that configuration file to work the uuid parameters for the three devices should be the correct ones: they differ by one character! I overlooked this point


Thanks to the fast help of the binding maintainer, the documentation on the openhab site has now been updated reflecting the findings reported in this and other threads.