TR064 bridge offline after system restart

he there, yesterday I restarted my system, and now I’m unable to get the tr064 bridge online…

  • RPI4
  • OH 3.0.2 on openhabian
  • TR064 binding 3.0.2

I configured all settings in a things file, and I did not changed it. I restarted the binding without a effect. I removed and re- installed the binding from addons.cfg file. The log says after I saved the file:
" The binding add-on ‘tr-064’ does not exist - ignoring it." - but it’s installed anyway!

The error I get for the FritzboxTR064 thing:


java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Total timeout 2000 ms elapsed

Any help is highly appreciated!


update for those who have the same issue: a restart of the fritzbox did it!

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