TR064 Soap Error after upgrading Fritzbox to 7.25

I’ve updated my Fritzbox 7590 to version 7.25 yesterday.
Siince then the TR064 Binding doesn’t seem to work anymore.
I’m getting this error:

Thing 'tr064:fritzbox:9e2a904f7d' changed from UNKNOWN to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Unable to create envelope from given source:
SAAJ0511: Unable to create envelope from given source

The box created a new default user during the update, but the username is not accepted.


Change the user to the new created user. (Check your fritzbox settings)

Here is an example for the config

Had the same problem.
Then I created an extra user for it in the FritzBox, stored it in the binding and left the binding deactivated for a few hours.
After I switched back to HTTP, the binding was able to register again.

AVM has changed something again, which confuses OpenHAB.

AVM did some changes in the login process (Version 7.24 / 7.25).
please note: Development Support / Entwicklungssupport


well I tried both now
change the user name to the automatic generated one and also created an own user for openhab in the fritz box

still I don’t get that thing back online :frowning:

Same issue with AVM Fritz!Box binding.

Using the newly created user and restarting solved the problem on both OH3.1.0M2 and OH2.5.12

They most certainly made changes in 7.25 … which is annoying, when it’s not a major release change.



Hey guys,

I’m new here and I’m trying to connect OH3 stabel 3.0.1 to my Fritzbox 7580 firmware 7.25. I get the following error
HTTP-Response-Code 500 (Internal Server Error), SOAP-Fault: 401 (invalid action).

It doesn’t matter if I use the automatically generated user or a self created one.
the TR064 is switched on in the Fritzbox, tested with

The Config Host is eagl whether I use or the IP. the error remains.

Can someone help me or tell me where I have a thinking error

Thanks a lot

ReInstall OH3 and now it´s ok

Got the same problem here and really don´t want to reinstall OH3 now. Sometimes there is even a Server Error 500, but usually this one:

com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Unable to create envelope from given source:

Really annoying, Fritzbox 7.25…

Is there a way to fix it? Running Fritzbox 7590 with Fritz!OS 7.28 and OH 3.2.0M3. It is not possible to get a working connection from TR064 to my Box.

€dit: Looks that a restart was sufficient and now the thing is online.

Witz komm raus du bist umzingelt.

Es darf nicht die IP der Fritzbox in der Konfig stehen sondern der DNS Name (Standard halt

Reproduzierbar eingerichtet. Läuft mit OH3M3.


Jo hat bei mir auch geholfen! Danke!


As long time users you should by now know that the forum language is English.

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