TR064 WANConnectionDevice of remote (VPN) Fritz!Box

Hey there,

i am on OH3.2.0 Snapshot and i’m trying to add a sub-device ‘WANConnectionDevice’ to an existing Bridge. This bridge is a Fritz!Box 7590 which is not on my own network but connected through a VPN.
I’m using the VPN functionality provided by AVM. Both boxes, my own and the remote one have their own dynamic DNS adresses and the connection is working fine.

Adding the bridge in OH was no problem at all, also the first sub-device ‘subdeviceLan’ was auto-discovered and i’m already using the presence detection with MAC adresses.

another auto-discovery / scan will show a WANConnectionDevice, but only very short and then delete / remove it from the list of found devices.

Any ideas why i can’t find this type of sub-device?
It is not really necessary so if this is not implemented in the binding i’m ok with that, would just be nice to know if I#m doing something wrong or not.