Tracking Week Number

I’m not having any success tracking the week number. I have setup an item for the NTP binding as:

DateTime Week “Week [%1$tw]” (NTP,All) { ntp=“America/New_York:en_US” }

In my sitemap I have:

Text item=Week label=“Week [%1$tw]”

The result in the rendered sitemap is:
“Week Err”

The item name should match the sitemap items name …

sihui - that was a typo in my message. The names match in my openhab environment. I will edit the original post.

please can anybody tell me, how i can do this with the new OH2 NTP-Binding?

This is not working:

DateTime    Week    "Woche [%1$tw]" <calendar> { channel="ntp:ntp:local:dateTime" }


Text item=Week