Tradfi on/off switch: failed to initialise device

Hi all

I have the Ikea Tradfri on/off switch and paired it with openHAB. In the log there are however error messages:
==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==

    2019-12-21 14:42:12.886 [ERROR] [verter.ZigBeeConverterBatteryPercent] - EC1BBDFFFED57F2E: Error 0xffff setting server binding
    2019-12-21 14:42:24.888 [ERROR] [converter.ZigBeeConverterSwitchLevel] - EC1BBDFFFED57F2E: Error 0xffff setting client binding
    2019-12-21 14:42:36.890 [ERROR] [converter.ZigBeeConverterSwitchLevel] - EC1BBDFFFED57F2E: Error 0xffff setting client binding
    2019-12-21 14:42:48.892 [INFO ] [ng.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeThingHandler] - EC1BBDFFFED57F2E: Channel zigbee:device:01190437:ec1bbdfffed57f2e:EC1BBDFFFED57F2E_1_batteryalarm failed to initialise device

It is my first device in the Zigbee network so far I have been using zwave and Shelly. Does anyone know what that could be or how to debug?

I’m not really sure from this what the issue could be - maybe a timeout, or maybe an error reported from the device.

Please take a look at the binding documentation for debug logging information. (section called something like “what to do when things don’t go as planned”)

Thank you for the extremely quick anser.

openhabZigbeeLog.txt (97.6 KB) Attached is the log output of a new pairing (too long to add it here)

I looked at it in the log viewer, but don’t see anything suspicious there.

I don’t see really what’s happening here. The bind commands are not being sent - but I don’t see why this is. I think they then timeout, but there’s nothing in the log :confused:

Just for completeness - what version of OH are you running? Is this 2.5 stable?

It might need to wait till next week when I have some time. I will be upgrading the libraries to the latest versions and at that stage it would be good to track down anything that the update doesn’t mop up.

Yes, 2.5 stable.

Thank you, much appreciated!

I bought a Tradfri “control outlet” and this one works. I also tested the on/off switch with the control outlet, that works too. In the internet there are posts from people who are using the on/off switch with openhab, so it should work…

openhab.log (826.8 KB) I did some more testing - see attached log (at the bottom of the log). It seems like the battery state of the on/off switch is transmitted when I press a button, but not the event itself? Is that because of the issues during pairing?

Does someone have the Ikea on/off switch working with openhab?

I’d suggest to put this on hold for a few days as I intend to update the binding to use the latest libraries, and also make a few other improvements over the next few days.

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Version 2.5 solved some Zigbee issues, however the Ikea switch does still not work. I have tried multiple times to pair it, but it does still not work.

Currently I struggle to even delete it. I can remove it from PaperUI, but then when I perform a search it is shown in the inbox again. I removed the battery and all Zigbee devices in the network, it is still there. I cleared the cache and deleted the .xml manually, but after a restart it is being created again (even though there is no device on the network and the Ikea switch has the battery removed.

Any idea what that could be? It seems like this was a similar issue, although network related which can’t be the case here, given that no device is connected.

Before I spend more time trying - does anybody have an IKEA on/off switch (they are really called like this) working with openhab?

Ok I assume that is a no. It might actually be that there is a bug in the on/off switch itself. I have retried to pair it to openhab (wiped cache and the device file) - still no luck. I tried to pair it then to an Ikea control outlet (it is possible to pair multiple devices to one switch) but that did not work either. Only when I resetted the on/off switch I was able to pair it to the control outlet.

They don’t work here either. I get a " ZigBee IKEA of Sweden TRADFRI on/off switch" with these channels:
“Battery Level” - delivers wrong values 10 or 23 % with new battery,
“Level Control” - no values,
“Battery Alarm” & “Battery Voltage” - both no values.
I have 2 of the things that both behave the same.

I read somewhere that this is because the on/off switch does not send the update to the controller (if I remember correctly) and the Zigbee binding is not prepared for this (would need to sniff the traffic).

With zigbee2mqtt it should work, but I have not tested it yet. It seems that the ikea devices work better with zigbee2mqtt, but it is less convenient than the zigbee binding. I don’t have a controller that is compatible with zigbee2mqtt, but I consider ordering one.