Trådfri binding communication error

I have a problem that is driving me crazy.
I have a manually configured trådfri gateway and it has worked just fine earlier. Now however it just get communication error for no apparent reason.
I have tried to debug it but even on trace the I get nothing in the log.

If I create a new gateway thing using the paper UI it connects and works just fine once I type in the Security Code.

Any ideas why my manually configured gateway is acting up?

I am having the same issue after the idea firmware update. My system has been running for 1.5years.

Sorry - the post was about Home Assistant (not OpenHAB) - even though the problem is probably the same… version 1.8.25 breaks the API it seems…

Same issue with OpenHab, since yesterday April the 18th everithing was properly working with manual config.

See this thread. Chat about it over there. Also possible fix.

Great, that fixed it for me.