TRÅDFRI Binding: Is there a command line to control the light

Hi :slight_smile:
Is there a command line for this binding to control the light from a button in sted of a slide ?

Just call your slider a switch in the sitemap. That should do it.

May need to set the on to a specific brightness. But I have some off buttons on my tradfri.

See this thread

I am trying to use the widget “direction-buttons” witch looks like the real Ikea controle
I can type 25 in the command line, but how to make a step 25,50,75,100 ?

Need to provide a screen shot or some code. Not sure what control you are speaking of.

Is this for habpanel?

Sorry, yes it is for habpanel

Ok then ignore my suggestions. Have to get the gab panel experts on the line. I am not one of them.