Tradfri Binding Motion Sensor

Dear all,

a few days ago the Tradfri update enables that be notified when motion was detected by Tradfri motion sensor via homekit.

I’ve checked the motion sensor thing on OH3, but I couldn’t find the channel that gives indication if motion was recognized or not. It would be a nice feature to have this available as a point to trigger further actions.


Afaik the sensor data doesn’t go to the bridge, it’s a direct connection from sensor to light.
This is also mentioned in the documentation for tradfri binding:

The TRÅDFRI controller and sensor devices currently cannot be observed right away because they are communicating directly with the bulbs or lamps without routing their commands through the gateway. This makes it nearly impossible to trigger events for pressed buttons. We only can access some static data like the present status or battery level.

If the last update changed this behavior, so that the connection is from sensor to bridge to light, it will be just a matter of time until the motion sensor should be available in openhab.

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Hi @dirkdirk,

thanks for hour reply. correct initially behaviour was different.

Now it seems values are available. If it is populated via device or gateway I’m not sure.

My assumption was that Tradfri binding has to be updated. As I’m not capable to manage myself I’d be happy to support testing.


You can create a new issue with „enhancement“ label. So the developers can check if it is possible to use motion sensors in future releases.

Thanks, I’ve requested a feature request.