Tradfri color temperature lights does not work properly through deConz

* Platform information:
  * Hardware: RPi 3
  * OS: Raspbian light + OH3 installed manually
  * Java Runtime Environment: Zulu
  * openHAB version:

So far i run a RPi with deConz and openhab on it. This means, i don’t use the Tradfri gateway, instead i connect all devices directly with the RPi.
Running OH2.5 i was using the deConz binding just as dateway and Philips Hue as … kinda transformation, because right in the beginning OH was not able to get all the things directly from deconz.
With the new OH3 i switched to deConz “fully”.
So now i get all the things (and all my things are Tradfri devices) directly from deConz binding, but since then i get the problem, that the color temperature lights get the temperature setting not by dimmer function (like in tradfri and hue binding 0% (cold) to 100% (warm)), but it is controlled by number (if i got it right, by setting the temperature in ° Kelvin).
When i create an item of type number, i can (well, obviously) input some numbers, which are kinda rounded, or such (i don’t really get, how it works in detail), and then can control the color temperature “somehow” at least.
But when i create an item of type dimmer and link it to the color temperature channel, i can see values between like 2200 and 4000 (which seems to be the right range for the temperature), but sliding the dimmer does not affect the color temperature at all.
Is it a general problem, or is the number indeed not ment to be contrlled by dimmer type?

PS: i do all the configs, links etc. in te UI and so far not by code/text



I have Deconz Conbee for my Tradfribulbs too. I’m trying to switch from Deconz with Hue to Deconz only because of some issues (not updating state when using tradfri button).

I made the setup as follows:

colortemperaturelight Tr_Li_Dachzimmer "Tr_Li_Dachzimmer" @"Dachzimmer" [ id="21" ]


Group Tr_Li_Dachzimmer "Tr_Li_Dachzimmer" <light> (gDachzimmer) [ "Lightbulb" ]
            Number Tr_Li_Dachzimmer_ColorTemp "Dachzimmer ColorTemp [%s]" <light> (Tr_Li_Dachzimmer) [ "Control" ] { channel="deconz:colortemperaturelight:NedogsBeeGW:Tr_Li_Dachzimmer:color_temperature" }
            Dimmer Tr_Li_Dachzimmer "Dachzimmer [%s]" <light> (Tr_Li_Dachzimmer) [ "Control" ] { channel="deconz:colortemperaturelight:NedogsBeeGW:Tr_Li_Dachzimmer:brightness" }

And for the Sitemap (quick and dirty):

Frame label="Dachzimmer" {
        Switch item=Tr_Li_Dachzimmer icon="switch"
        Slider item=Tr_Li_Dachzimmer icon="slider"
        Slider item=Tr_Li_Dachzimmer_ColorTemp icon="slider" minValue=2202 maxValue=4000

With minValue=2202 maxValue=4000 the Slider works so far. But I’m still testing.

Hope this helps



thanks. i will try this asap