Tradfri (Ikea) with Hue Gateway - im confused


i have the Hue Gateway up and running with a few Hue bulbs. Now i bought Tradfri Bulbs and remotes, the gateway is currently sold out, according to the Ikea i was in all over germany sold out :grimacing:

What do i have to do to get the bulbs and remotes working with the hue gateway? Just switching them on/off 6 times and discovering them via the openhab UI? How do i get the remotes in?

I searched the board, but i come up with different answers, what might be ok since alot gas changed over the past few months, but i am unsure what my next steps should be and i dont want to mess it up :smiley:

Thanks in advance and a happy new year!

It depends. If the bulbs are on the correct patch level, switching them on and off is sufficient. If not you need a remote and the gateway to update them.

I have no idea if ikea remotes work with the hue bridge.

A happy new year as well!

I switched it on/off 6 times, then switched it on and searched it via inbox -> hue binding, but i cannot add it. Does that mean i have to update the firmware or did i do something wrong?

No … Use a Mobil App with support for Touchlink… than add the Tradfri Bulbs to the HUE Gateway with Touchlink.

For iOS I use Hue Lights

If this not work… than the Firmware of the Bulbs too old … On the Package is a Number … greater or egal 1721 would work without Update

I think the number depends on the sort of bulbs you are using.

I had to buy a tradfri gateway and update my lamps first.
After updating I was able to configure them in the hue app and afterwards they got discovered by the binding.

I used lampfinder, since i dont have an ios-device ready. I did not had any luck, tried 2 bulbs. One had 1741 printed on it, the other was 16xx. I will try again the next days, but will relocate the hue gateway first - behind the couch is not very convinient when you have to put the bulb riiight next to it :smiley:
I really wanted to get the tradfri gateway, but it is sold out. According to the ikea i was in they will have the gateway solo in a few weeks and the bundles even later. Seems like they sell alot of that stuff :wink:

Lamp Finder use Touchlink … the 1741 Lamp should work, 16xx must be Update…

Where you come from ? Perhaps you can Update the Bulbs on my Gateway…

Hi! I have the same question/Issue. I wanted to buy a Gateway now “only” to check the bulbs firmware versions and update them to 2.0.1 or later… I am located in Basel AND Köln… I now thought about if its maybe a nice solution to found a german “ikea tradfri gateway”-sharing group! I would be highly interested! Or also a meet-and-upgrade-coffee session i can imagine!? Anybody also interested? Greetings! Manuel