Tradfri issue: light not online any more (after some update I think) with solution and additional question

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry pi version 3b+
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0
  • Issue of the topic: So a couple of days ago my Ikea tradfri lights stopped working, at least they were mentioned as ‘uninitialized - bridge uninitialized’. I think this has to do with some update on the Ikea platform, this has happened several times before. (lights were still working fine from within the Ikea app itself)

What were my steps:

  • In PaperUI edit the tradfri hub Thing entry (by changing IP address, then back again). This worked fine on previous occasions, but not this time.
  • After numerous attempts I managed to get the hub back ‘online’ by removing the thing and re-adding it from within the PaperUI.
  • My lights were still not coming back online though, so did some more digging. In the end I found the solution, it seems that the channel methodology for tradfri items has changed (by Ikea? in Openhab2?).

So I followed these steps for all items:

  1. Click delete in the ‘thing’ entry in PaperUI (take note of the last number in the channel string - for example ‘65536’)

  2. Go to ‘inbox’ in paperui, and click on ‘Show ignored’

  3. using the number mentioned in 1 find the right thing and add (blue V circle)

  4. You will notice that the channel information has changed as compared to the ‘old thing’:

  5. I edited my item files to change the channel entries from

{ channel="tradfri:0220:6698b1a6:65537:brightness" }
{ channel="tradfri:0220:gwdcefcabddb49:65537:brightness" }

and stuff works again :grinning:

only remaining question I have is that the thing I deleted do not actually get deleted. instead they are shown with status: ‘removing’:

is that fixable? As always thanks in advance for any tips and hope that this ‘solution’ saves someone some time :wink:

Yes press the bin icon again to force removal

Thanks :+1: , works.