Tradfri motions sens

Hi all,

have any user a tradfri motions sensor in openhab with motion detection working?


I believe this isnt possible, motion sensors sends a command directly to a bulb an not via the hub. You cannot read button states from remotes or sensors.

thanks for your answer! so i cannot use the motions sensor with other things from other bindings?
e.g. motions detection -> switch actor homematic on / off

i must configure the motions - ikea bulb over the app only right?

thanks a lot!

This behaviour is due to the tradfri hardware and software. The once paired with the “hub” the remotes, buttons and motion sensors send their commands directly to the bulbs and not via the “hub”. It’s not a hub it’s a pairing enabling device. Therefore the binding, which can only monitor the “hub”, will not see the events.
I was considering purchasing the Ikea hardware until I realized this limitation and that made it a big no-no. As well as being able to send commands to hardware, I need hardware feedback and Ikea doesn’t provide that.