Tradfri: One bulb with two remotes?


I have bought a gateway and two tradfri set with dimmer and bulb. Is it possible that I can controll one bulb with two remotes? I cannot move remotes to other groups in the ikea app.

Not at this time.

Let me explain:
The IKEA Trådfri remotes are paired directly to bulbs (and to the GW but only grouping in the GW atm) and only one remote can be paired to a bulb. What you would like to achieve either needs an extra bulb or to avoid using the remotes entirely and have OH exclusively controlling the bulbs.

Events on the remotes are not published on the IKEA GW (yet. I beleives this will come in a future release) thus OH cannot do the trick for you either.

However the IKEA GW publishes events on the bulbs themselves which OH detects:
With Two bulbs then each bulbs can be paired to a remote and OH will then be able to catch when the state changes on one bulb - as the result of a button press on the corresponding remote - and then send that state as command to the other bulb.

Thanks for your feedback. The ikea support told me the same.
However I did it: Lets say I have B1 and B2 and S1 and S2 and a GW.

  1. Unpair everything
  2. Pair S1 with GW
  3. S1 with B1
  4. S1 with B2
  5. S2 with B2

And somehow magicly I can controll B2 with S1 AND S2.

Glad to hear.

Remember to add a check in your rules where you send the commands to all the other bulbs, that for each bulb the state has to be different than the state of the bulb triggering the event before you execute the sendCommand or it will loop endlessly.

Wait so you could actually bind TWO remotes to the SAME bulb???

Yes. 2 remotes 1 bulb

Is this also possible with groups, I mean one group two remotes?

I cannot test it, but it should be possible

Hmm was this an unintentional function that worked? I;m in the same situation except I do not have a gateway but would like to pair 2 switch to a single bulb, will this trick only work with a gateway?

I think it works also without a gateway

A little supplement, because I just found this instruction to put more than one controller to a group:

It works fine for me!

Omg, it worked. Thanks for this thread, tips & links.