Transfer of zwave from v1.8 to v2.0

I’ve been successfully running OH 1.8 on a Raspberry Pi with Aeonlabs ZWave stick and some zwave sensors. I’ve set up OH2 on an new Ubuntu server and now looking at transferring my zwave set up onto the OH2 system. I have a question around the best way to do this.

Is this as simple as installing the zwave addon (through PaperUI) on OH2 and just plugging in the zwave usb stick? Will OH2 automatically discover my zwave sensors? Will i need to unpair/re-pair my sensors? Any gotchas before I embark on this?

Obviously I’ll need to transfer/build my old rules and sitemaps etc.

Having just gone through exactly that I’m happy to tell you that YES, it is as easy as just plugging in the Stick in the new Box :slight_smile:
At least for me, PaperUI discovered all my nodes and kept the original node numbers, which makes updating the items quite easy.
Of course you need to take care of the prerequisites like giving the openhab user rights for dialout and such.

In theory, it should be as simple as you say. You should be able to take a ZWave stick from another system (be it OH1, OH2, or…) , and plug it in to an OH2 system and it will read the data off the stick and initialise the OH2 things. It should then discover the things and add them to the inbox…

You won’t need to re-pair the sensors etc - they are paired to the stick, not the software - when you move the stick around it won’t change this.

Now, database changes might make this a little less seemless, but hopefully your devices will be ok…

My experience is like the others mentioned, it worked well, things indeed appeared automatically in the inbox, and from there it was easy. One word of caution, in my cause it took quite some time, especially for the battery operated devices. So when you start, and it seems not to work, give it some time.

Thanks everyone. The transfer was pretty painless and eventually all the zwave devices were recognised. Now to transfer all my rules!

Be cautious about the rules, most door sensors are of Switch type not Contact type so any rules that used OPEN or CLOSED need to be changed to ON and OFF. This is dependent on the device though.

Thanks for the heads-up on that Mike.