Transfer OH3 from windows 10 to raspberry pi

Hi all,
While waiting for my raspberry pi to come, I had created and using OH3 on my laptop. I’m wondering how to transfer all my config and data to raspberry pi? Or do I need to create all over again?

Copying the content of userdata folder (not temp and cache) to your raspberry should do the trick…

Do I take out the sdcard and put onto my windows laptop and copy the file over?

No, you will not be able to access the folders right away. Best would be to copy via WinSCP or similar tools.

Search would have helped

Same applies for openHAB 3 to openHAB 3

Thanks hmerk. I’m trying to use winscp… How do I know which folder in windows I need to copy over and which folders in the raspberry pi I need to put it in?

Read the installation docs, which include a chapter with the folders.

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