Transform item value M3 to Liters; simple multiply formula?

I need an item value to be multiplied by 1000.
What is the easies way to achieve this? Preferably the item value must be multiplied; but the primary goal it is to display the calculated value in HabPanel.
It is the value of a water level sensor which is in M3; I want it to be displayed in Habpanel in Liters.

Take advantage of the unit of measurements, set your item type to numbers:volume and add state description metadata to your item

Thx Matze for your reply/hint; could you give a more detailed example of what to set in the State description metadate? How do I enter a pattern or option for this?

E.g. add

%.0f l

as pattern

the problem remains that the number is in m3, so the item has value 0,065 which should be displayed in Liters=> 65L
How do I achieve the multiply factor to get from m3 to L?

Auto conversion of units can only take place with ‘Quantity’ type Items - like Number:Volume. It cannot be done with plain Number Items.

Just setting the Item type to Number:Volume is not enough on its own - the binding needs to update that Item with units. If the binding supplies just a number, with no unit, the Item state will assume the unit you put in the Item’s ‘pattern’.

So you’ll have to do the maths. Use a profile to modify the value that comes from the binding channel, before it gets put into the Item state. Profiles are applied to the channel-to-Item link.
A JS transformation profile allows you to do pretty much any modification.

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