Transform not updating in habpanel


Im trying to take an item as a number and transform its result 1 or 0 and transform it to the words ON or OFF. I can see that the transform is working correctly in the site map as expected however the Dummy widget does not seem to be working correctly. When i first load the hab panel i can see the status OFF but after a short few moments it changes back to its raw data state of 1 but if i refresh the panel using the refresh button in the top right the word off will again appear till after a few short moments.

Here is my item to be transformed

Number Flr1tempstatus “First Floor Temp Status[MAP(]” (First_Floor) {mqtt="<[home:1stfloor/status:state:default]"}

I am a beginner so it could just be me but the fact that it works in the site map makes me think its somthing with hab panel?
Any help would be great!
Thanks so much

Anyone have any ideas at all?

Here is a copy of the transform as well.


This is proably the same issue as this:

The server-side event includes the value before the mapping, while the initial call (rest/items) retrieves the mapped value. This is an ESH issue.