Transform State formatter for unknown metric

Hi All,

Can this occur for an Item to use a state formatter OH isn’t aware of? I want to use Megahash as the state for matter. I couldnt find a list of supported formats


It’s really unclear what you are asking. But in general, if you are talking about transformations then no, of course OH can’t use something that it isn’t aware of. However, OH is aware of the JavaScript and Exec transformation which allows you to write custom code for the transformation or call out to an external program/script to do the transformation.

If you are talking about units of measurement then no, OH only supports those units that are defined by the upstream Java extension that implements units or those that have been implemented internally.

If you are talking about String formatting (e.g. %.1f, %d, %s, etc) then no, only those built into the Java language are supported.

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Thanks, yes talking about UoM