Transform state of item for using as trigger in rules

Is it possible to transform an item state that the transformed state can be used as trigger?
(not only to display like Text item=Gg_DoorLeftIsClosed label=“Gg_DoorLeftIsClosed [MAP(]” icon=“switch”)

Example Shelly State:
The state is ON/OFF, but I want to use it as OPEN/CLOSE.

Switch Gg_DoorLeftOpen "Garage Links öffnen" <switch> {channel="shelly:shelly1:A4CF12F46166:relay#output"}

The Item state is the Item state.

As you realise, using a transformation in the [presentation] part of an Item label only affects display, not the underlying state. That is by design.

I’m not sure why you would need to do this, nobody else looks at your rules and you can comment them for clarity

   Item Gg_DoorLeftOpen changed to ON // meaning Open

If you must do it, you can create a dummy Contact Item and use a rule to convert.

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