Transformation service JS for pattern div100.js not found


Hardware : RPI4
Distro : Openhabian ( Bullseye )

I have run a update from Openhab 3.4.1 to 4.0.2. had made a fresh install as my RPI was still running Disto Buster instead of Bullseye. But with a Backup and restore as described it was pretty fast running again. But I have some trouble with the state transformation of some Things. I can’t figure it out.
I have the following log warning. ( and the thing doesn’t give a value ). It’s for my thermostaat.

[WARN ] [.transform.SingleValueTransformation] - Transformation service JS for pattern div100.js not found!

It is used by my Thermostat with the following HTTP request

  - id: currentSetpoint
    channelTypeUID: http:number
    label: Toon Current Setpoint
    description: null
      commandTransformation: JS:tim100.js
      stateExtension: ?action=getThermostatInfo
      commandExtension: ?action=setSetpoint&Setpoint=%2$s
      stateTransformation: JSONPATH:$.currentSetpoint∩JS:div100.js

The div100.js file is located in the Transform folder. And has the following content.

	return parseInt(i)/100;

I have installed the JSON transformation Path Add-On
It was working in Openhab 3. but I know there are changes in the transformation and in the Javaschript language NashornJS to GraalJS. Maybe it has something to with this.

But to make a long story not to long. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this ? Probably I need an other approach now ?

Thanks ik advanced.

Install the JS Scripting add-on.


I had the feeling it was something I had completely overlook it.