transformRaw refers to missing type

I’m using the latest OpenHab version 2.5.8 and I just tried to implement the transformRaw example from the rules documentation into one of my rules, but this example does not seem to work anymore. I get the following error when compiling the rule:

The method transformRaw(String, String, String) from the type Transformation refers to the missing type Object

Also the TransformationException type was not found.

I didn’t find anything about this problem in the here in the community forum. The transformRaw method is only mentioned once in the whole forum. Is this command still supported or should I report this issue on GitHub?

Can you show your rule?

Yes, I use the function in another function to get the zwave lastpacketreceived value from the OH api. Here is the code of the function:

val Functions.Function1<String, DateTime> getZwaveLastPacketReceived = [
    String nodeUid |
    	var String url = String::format("", nodeUid)
  		var String json = sendHttpGetRequest(url)
		try {
			var String lastPacketReceived = transformRaw("JSONPATH", "$.properties.zwave_lastwakeup", json)
			var DateTime dtLastPacketReceived = parse(lastPacketReceived)
			return dtLastPacketReceived.withZone(DateTimeZone::getDefault());
		catch (TransformationException e) {
			logError("getZwaveLastPacketReceived", e.toString())
			return new DateTime(0)
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