Treatlife DS02S with Tasmota MQTT auto Discovery - Lost at how to setup item in OH3

I had 4 of these treat life dimmer switches that i started to convert to tasmota, i was able to get the first 2 flashed and updated via the convert app.

I have the MQTT bindings installed and the units are discovered on the the system but I am stuck at how to control them in OH3. It seems to me they are just discovered as light sensors and not dimmers.

I have attached pictures of the setup as well as a text file of the console output when a switch starts up after hitting reset in webUI.

Can anyone point me in the right direction in setting up the control of this in OH3 or how to correct the auto discovery for the units if its wrong, new to OH3 so i am just learning about it. The switches are fully functional via the hardware buttons and the webUI buttons.

console log.txt (8.2 KB)

Have you enabled either Home Assistant or Homie on the Tasmota devices? One of these needs to be enabled for them to be fully discovered.

Home Assistant is enabled on device as well as option19. OH3 does see them in discovery. The text file shows the commands sent to the broker via the console in the WebUI for the switch.