Trigger light on motion inside zwave network before rules fire in OH


At the moment, I am using OH to switch zwave lights on when motion is detected. It is working great and the latency is not terrible.

However, I was wondering - I recall there was a way to link up zwave devices directly - so for my use case, when start of motion always switches light on, I was wondering if that first command could be short-circuited via the zwave network, until the OH rules take over and switch the lights off based on other conditions.

I am using Fibaro Motion detectors with Fibaro relay switches as actuators.

Yes, you can set up this by using associations. You need to put the actuator in the association group of the motion detector und can configure some configuration parameters in the Fibaro devices. You can use Habmin to do this configuration.

Thank you, that seemed have worked! Another few tenths of a millisecond shaved off the trigger time.