Triggering a rule with an Item Change

Hello everybody and Happy new Year!

Actually I’m moving my System from Openhab 2.5 to 4.1 - not migrating but taking the chance to completely rebuild it. But somehow I’m stucked right now - might be pretty simple, but if someone has n idea that would be great,

I Have a Homematic System, and want to Trigger some Blinds to go up if a certain windspeed is reached.

For this i thought, I do a rule which just checks the wind Speed State, and if it might be higher than a certain vaule, than it should sent the Level 0 Command to the blinds.

But whatever I do, i don’t get that rule triggered.

My most obvious Idea would be:

But it doesn’t work for whatever reason?

Nice idea but I do not know if this really works.
You need to create a rule which checks if the new state is >35 and then sends a command to the blinds.

Well - i thought that this rule would do it (ignore the 3 - just playing a bit around with vaules right now)

I double checked with the docs. It is not possible. See here

You cannot trigger a rule on a comparison. OH is event driven event means some instantaneous occurrence. A comparison, therefore, (or even an equality) is not an event. Item changed is an event (at this instant the item state went from X to Y). Item changed to a specific state value is an event.

In the MainUI, however, this is very easy to do, because what you are interested in is a condition (the “But only if…” section of the rule wizard). Conditions will check whatever test you want when a rule triggers and then only run the body of the rule if the condition is true. So what you want is Trigger: item changed (event), Condition: new state is > some other value (test to see if body of rule should be activated).

Alright - that link explained it - thanks for clarification - working now!