Triggering event based on detection of a person on an IP cam?

Saw this story here about a person whose camera detected a would-be intruder outside their house at night:

…he has the cam set up with some kind of person detection software that triggered an alert to him in the middle of the night. Anyone know of a straightforward way to do this with openhab?

It seems to me that the guy is simply using:

I wouldn’t try to replicate this entire functionality in openHAB2… It may be possible but not worth the trouble imho…

There are many solutions out there.
I personally use Unifi Video (IP Cameras with NVR software that have motion detection triggered recordings and the NVR is sending email alerts with an image attachment and a link to the video). This is cheaper than paying a monthly subscription to a provider to store your video recordings.

I haven’t integrated the alerts in any way in openHAB2 but it would be possible with a little digging.
I just have the video feeds in my HABPanel