Triggeringitem name in GUI rule OH3

I am trying to keep rules GUI wherever I can - and Id like to set up a rule where any member of a group that is off sends a broadcast notification but with the triggeringitem name - is this possible in the GUI, or do I need to break out to a script?

You’ll need to run a script action for that. The GUI rules are meant to be relatively basic, with intermediate/advanced concepts handled in Blockly or script actions.

If you want to keep it in GUI, you’d have to take the simple approach of making one rule per item. That’s probably fine if you only have three members in the group, but not so much if you’ve got 10 or 20.

ok thanks was just checking - often there are ways to acheive things I dont find - yeah way more than 20 items - its for the network binding

Just to make things clear, you can use a script action in the “then” in a GUI rule and still keep it in the GUI (vs .rules files). You would then use event.itemName in your script to get the triggering item


Thanks, I should have capitalized Script Action to make it clearer that it was an option in the GUI.