Trouble adding new bindings in 1.8.2 with other bindings running fine

I have a couple of bindings functioning perfectly including MQTT Transport and CalDAV IO, but recently I tried to add two new bindings (weather and mysql persistence), and I get absolutely nothing concerning these two bindings in the log. My logback.xml file has both bindings in debug mode I rewrote my openhab.cfg file in case there were any rogue spaces, and still nothing. All of the permissions on the .jar files are identical for all. I’m at my wits end, but I know that there’s probably a super simple solution.

Could it be that you have a mixture (assuming you are on linux) of a manual and an apt-get install of openhab?
Then the two new bindings could be in the wrong addons folder …

manual install: /opt/openhab
apt-get install: /usr/share/openhab