Trouble downloading addons

Having trouble downloading addons, specifically the iCloud and HP Printer bindings.

I don’t think it’s an issue with my instance, I was able to download and install the Android TV binding update that dropped today. Any help with the issue would be appreciated.

I don’t think it is a generic problem as others haven’t reported about a problem.

Any more detailed description/information of the problem would help to provide help.
Which version are you on ?
Are there any error messages in the log files ?
How do you download the addons ?
From where did you download the addons ?
How did you install them ?

I’m not sure what happened somehow the addons folder disappeared from the root of my instance. I was on my couch surfer last night. Probably somehow caught it with trackpad. So the downloads were being queued indefinitely since they did not have a destination.

Sorry for the post, I’m kind of irked at myself for it. This is like maybe the second or third ask for forum help in my life. Usually I’m able to surf on the historical posts of others. There is a comprehensive amount of info here for this but not like some really big name product, even though this is a wicked cool product.

I started using openHAB on Saturday and had some kind of panic deer in the headlights moment last night when I couldn’t find an answer to help me. For whatever reason I broke my rule of reading the logs. When people come to me at work and say this doesn’t work, the first question I ask is did anyone read the logs. Thanks for the reply your suggestion led me to the answer.