Trouble setting up Aeotec Nano Dimmer ZW111

Hi everyone!

I have recently installed an Aeotec ZW111 Nano Dimmer. Two (dumb) hardware switches are connected to inputs S1 and S2 of the Aeotec. S1 is being used to dimm a light hard-wired to the module. That part works fine, after setting up association groups I get proper status updates in openHAB.

Via the second input (S2) I would like to fire a rule in openHAB. Trouble is, after setting up the association groups and fiddling with a lot of parameters I still don’t get unambiguous returns for the two switches.

The first one (S1) returns a dimming value via the ‘Dimmer’ channel. In addition on/off is sent via the ‘Switch’ channel. The related channel is shown as deprecated but working nonetheless. The second switch (S2), however, returns only a dimming value which is either 0 or 100 depending on switch position. I already tried changing parameters 123 and 124 (determining whether the inputs control the hard-wired load or only the associated nodes) to no avail. The switch controlling the load always sends dimming value and on/off status, the other one sends dimming values 0 or 100. With those returns it seems impossible to write a rule which is only triggered by the S2 switch.

I am wondering, has anybody used this module for a similar purpose and made it work? Any ideas on how to work around this issue?

If you are controlling through openHAB you usually do not need to mess with association groups. The binding knows which one is Lifeline. The other groups are usually used for peer to peer control, outside of openHAB.

That was my understanding as well. With a few of my Qubinos, however, I had to add the controller to additional groups in order to receive timely updates on Inputs 2 and 3. With the Aeotec it indeed doesn‘t seem to make a difference; in any case I receive the same ambiguous returns when switching input S2.