Trouble setting up PHI_PAN08

Hi everyone. I am having trouble setting up a PHI_PAN08 ( roller shutter in openHAB 1.8 using the zwave binding snapshot from today. The log output says “NODE 27: No database entry: Philio Technology Corporation [ID:15,Type:1]” but as I understand it, it should already be in the device database ( which should be ported to the 1.9 snapshot.

This is the information provided by habmin:

Can someone tell me what is going wrong here? Is it a new version of the device? The device id seems to be different than in the database (1/15 vs 0001:0006).

Yes - this is the problem. I’ll add your device IDs and hopefully it will work ok. You might want to double check the database to make sure that the config parameters looks the same as in your manual - just in case this is a different version.


Thanks very much! There are actually some deviations to the configuration parameters, though. Parameter 3 now has a default and max of 500 and parameters 5 and 6 are new, but not really important, so I guess it should work just fine the way it is now.

This is the new manual for the device:

I noticed that they added a “B” to the device name so it is in fact a new revision of it.