Trouble with getting things in the inbox OH2.5.0


I’m new Here.

I’m following the documentation and come in trouble at the point “
I have installed serveral bindings; internet, mwave, MiLight ect, and find a bunch of things online in the configuration screen. Now it says "Now that the binding is installed, switch back to the “Inbox”. If you click the “+”-button and next click the network binding… nothing can be found.
When I click “add manual” and fill in an IP adress and click the check icon, the programm goes back to the configuration screen with all present things. So I’m am running in cirkels without A clou how to get items in the inbox.

What do I do wrong?



What OS are you running it on? How did you install?

The Thing you just created should now be in that list of Things. There should also be a button at the bottom saying something like “Show newly created Thing” which when clicked upon will open the page for that Thing.

I thought this was fixed. For a time the Network binding would not scan the network for new devices and therefore wouldn’t populate the Inbox. But I just tried it and it’s working for me. But I’m on OH 2.5.1. Maybe you need to upgrade?

Hi rlkoshak,

Thanks fotrthe answer!
I don’t see other things like mwave or MiLight, so it is not only network What is not seen.
I use A pi and V2.5.0 is the last distro I could find…
I think I will install again, may be it will help.

BTW may be is it A router problem… Just installed A new one,
“Thing” will not show much items like ESP2866’s I use either…